If you have been intrigued with Krav Maga and are looking to start training, you’re going to want to check out our programs at Spartan Krav Maga. Our unique structure and top quality instruction ensures that you make the most of your time learning, so that you can become proficient in this incredible (and brutally effective) self-defense system.


Hoping to help everyone and anyone in the Halton Region better understand the principles of this amazing and practical self-defense system, we aim transform lives by empowering people through the proper instruction of Krav Maga. Through training, we help people to better understand their lives, their bodies, and truly develop the drive and self-confidence necessary to excel in our modern world.

We must be doing something right because in 2019, we were voted the Best Martial Arts School in the Burlington Post Reader's Choice Awards!

Spartan Krav Maga is run by Cyrus Osena, a Krav Maga instructor with years of experience training and teaching this incredibly diverse self-defense system. Having been trained in Israel, the US, Poland and Canada by some of the most distingushed experts and instructors, Cyrus is a Certified Kapap Instructor, as well as a Civilian, Law Enforcement, VIP Protection and Children’s Krav Maga Instructor.


For too long this particular fighting style has been considered to be out of reach for everyday people, but literally nothing could be further from the truth. Krav Maga was made for everyone, and that's exactly who we want to bring it to.

Our entire curriculum is based around helping everyday people – folks just like you – better understand the fundamentals, along with the intricacies, of this system, while at the same time streamlining the training process so that you can go from a bare-bones beginner to proficient in record time.


On top of that, your body will develop the strength and awareness that you didn’t know you had, and before you know it your fighting spirit and survival instinct will be honed to exceptional levels while your body gets incredibly toned, and having boatloads of fun at the same time.

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Spartan Krav Maga


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3325-B MAINWAY BURLINGTON, ONTARIO (Between Walkers Line & Guelph Line)


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